Time Management Quotes In 2021 That Will Inspire You and your Team

Time is precious thing, we collected top 10 time management quotes to know more about its techniques and sayings


Time ? That's a precious piece of gold, if you lose it, you are never going to have that same time once again in your life. On the other hand now you are the hero of your own life, you have to play the crucial role here to keep it up and be motivated with the flow of time.

Here at Apploye we worked on time, which is one of the precious things for a human being, and also our software is keen to maintain the thing you are looking for.

Often we are very much anxious about our time and the flow and the way it is behaving, yes the thing you are thinking now, you are not alone in this dilemma we all are in the same boat, some are for less time and some are for longer. So we compiled a few quotes here so that you can keep your chin up with confidence and be motivated at the same time by reading these.

  1. “A man who dares to waste one hour of life has not discovered the value of life.” - Charles darwin

    So as we were seeing that wasting time on our life is one of the bad things we are doing, we often feel this is important to acknowledge but it's become late sometimes. So we should make an early possible turn on this, and we should not dare to waste any hours from life. You can be motivated by seeing that you have to do better now to have a pleasant life in future. Those who are wasting time and not taking care of these on the right time, they will get the proper value of time once they will cross their perfect time to utilize it.
    The value of life is different from one another, we all know and from our date of birth we are seeing this single word is one of the crucial part of our life, we are taking birth and getting adult and gradually aged, but by this time frame, we have to do a lot of thing which we should have planned from beginning. Without planning, approaching life would be a bit tough and once you are planning for something, you have done 40% of your job. Now you have to just execute your plan and you will be reached on your planned destination with a glimpse of your eye, here comes people who never plan for anything and try to implement things in their life but reality hits them back harshly ,if you look around you will find these types of people everywhere.

  2. “The trouble is you think you have time” - Jack kornfield
    We all have this sort of intention to move our work to the future so that we can relax today and enjoy the day, that’s where we get stuck once this time comes up. We always keep thinking that the perfect time and situation will come up and we will put out the best on the time but in reality we get stuck on another task and we often face trouble while meeting the deadlines by this way.
    People who do these often face productivity issue on their work and they often end up being frustrated. Apart from having these, we all can focus on our day to day task, and set a mind set for that specific task to be completed on a time frame and don’t extend it for your current pleasure, this is the worst habit we all are caring about.
  3. Time is a created thing, To say, “I don’t have time is to say, ‘i don’t want to’ - Lao Tzu

    The great chinese philosopher said what he needed to say about the most precious thing, he passed away but this valuable saying is what we can not express in a thousand pages.

    Time here and there were the same with different consequences with different perceptions. We all feel the need of time and proper utilization of our life. But we also ignore the fate of our times which we should not. Before allowing any excuses on our mind, we should keep in mind that we should nor push the thing we can do with positive appearances, the human mind is very critical to analysis yet to think about nature it is always realistic and shifter. So thinking about negativity will also decrease the skill of management and the way people often think on their move is very sensitive, because what they think and what they explore has a different sense of perception. So never say you don’t have time to do any particular thing when you can do it today.

  4. There is more to life than simply increasing its speed - Mahatma Gandhi

    Speeding without any plan is always bad and it can cause huge damage. Life to life is proven that if you have no vision in life and you have not enough plan for the next move in your life, it is very vigorous.

    While planning for anything, always rethink and as Gandhi said with his valuable words, without speeding up the plan there are a lot more things to explore. Just imagine if you can drive a car with speeding up to 200km/h you would obviously love the speed and on the other hand you are also losing the beauty of being slow on the road and its landscapes. Like this there should be fun sadness, happiness both together but you got to plan all your work for the next day. You can not move without proper planning and rethink before you are making any plan for anything because it will affect your up next steps too.

  5. “Tough time never lasts, but tough people do” - Robert H. Schuller

    If you look around your area, just think, is there anyone who is without problem in life ? Is there anyone even on the planet ? Not really, just think about your next door, are they really happy with their life ? still they are surviving on this planet to live with the last thing they can afford in their life.

    There will be tough times in our life, we should not give up on silly consequences. We can move on with our best possible plan, we can manage the problems with different tactics from our life. Think about more challenges, you will be surprised by god some day if you can show your best at your worst time, just do not lose your hope at any cost. If you are passing through any bad time, you should also know that there are way to get out of that situation.

    If you also look at the most famous persons around the world they became on their position just with their patience and their time management for every move. They made mistakes and they solved that too. You should overcome all these possible contacts of obstructions from life and be successful with your own definition.

  6. “Time and the hour run through the roughest day” - William Shakespeare

    This is a master line for those who are struggling with minutes to see a bigger picture of their life. Every words here are correlated to our daily life, if you do not plan for a bigger picture and if you don’t have patience with seconds of your time, you can not perfectly gain anything on any task. For achieving a greater prospect, we all should be more careful and patience about our timing and every second matter here. You should make every second precious to get a precious result at the end.

  7. “Punctuality is the thief of time” - oscar wilde

    Punctuality means being on time, we are not suggesting today for being you on time on every aspect, you can work on it to have a better success in your life. You can take little tactics and on it you can work and for further you can make several motivated steps for your own.

    To achieve better opportunity you can master your own timing, you can acknowledge what you have to gain in your life, you will understand what works for you and what not and by this way you can avail your required skill about time and you would be more punctual than any other if you follow your required needs on this phase.

  8. “The way we spend our time, defines who we are” - Jonathan Estrin

    The way we are spending our life is what and who we are, every minute of our life and every second of our life is very crucial at this point. You are working regularly for your dream and you have a certain goal to achieve too, for availing this we must need to get on what we are on.

    Time defines you and you define what and how your time should be spent, in every aspect of our life we get this to overlook our time and we often fail to acknowledge, thereby you should know about time and how it should be spent.

  9. Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life” - Steve Jobs

    We all know Steve Jobs and what he has done on his life, and few of us also know how he did it. He dropped out from the college and became the founder of an innovative company known as Apple, jobs put all his innovation and ideas to make his own shape on life, he also made his life more on his dream to be full filled.

    Always focus on what you need, you will find what makes you happy and do something that will make you satisfied and that will for sure make you great sometime, as your time is limited don’t be a lazy person to invent with a wrong way, go opposite and invent something, which will be helpful for rest of the people, it can be from anywhere, your workplace, your study room to lab room.

  10. “We must use time as a tool, not as a couch” - John F. Kennedy

In every move of our life we know what will be our most satisfying job for a day, by following this sometimes we also forget about what should be done. In easy words, you should use your time for your life not as you are following the time.

You will nurture your time, not the time should nurture you about your life. In life we all know that we are availing our goals but sometime we loose track to gain this by following someone else’s time frame, we see people are getting successful with their time frame, we start following this, and we turn on a recycling loop for this. Here it should be like, you are following your faithness and your goal with your time not others. This way you will be a master on your own time, and thereby you will be successful in your life.

At the end we can understand how time is important on our life and thereby introduce a time tracking and monitoring system where you can take record of your time and productivity percentages day wise, and this will increase productivity on our day to day work, it can be office or remote job. Also there are few supporting tools which will be a plus point to manage the time such as project, task and also payroll.

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