How To Perfect Working From Home

Amra Markic
April 23rd, 2020 · 4 min read

However, it is an art form. We all know that when it comes down to it, once we are in front of our laptops in our homes, we are easily distracted by the constant pinging from our phones, or we suddenly get the urge to cook or clean! Anything but work!

See us as your guide during this new professional challenge and let us help you focus …

Set up your own space

Your apartment may not be huge, you may even be in a studio, but you need to create a healthy working space that will help you disconnect from everything else going on at home. Whether that’s transforming your dining table into a new office, or changing your spare room into an office, you need to keep to one place. Constantly changing working spaces will not help you create harmony. Though we love alternating between our bed and the sofa, this will only mess up your routine.

You can make it a fun place to be – add a few photos of your loved ones, maybe even fairy lights around your desk, or a neat desk lamp. Perhaps even add a few self-development books to keep you motivated! Keep it interesting and a motivating place to work. If you really want to copy the office, add a fruit bowl and keep yourself hydrated!

Set grounds rules

If you don’t live alone, let the people you live with know that you will need time to yourself. That means that they have to find a dedicated space for them to work, or if they want to listen to music, to put their earphones in! If you have any pets, let the other person look after them and alternate. Because other people can be distractions too!

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Set up a routine

So, you’re not having to commute when you’re working at home – which is pretty much the dream, right? However, that doesn’t mean it’s time to be lazy.

Set up a routine around your normal working hours, and stick to them! If you’re working 9 till 5, then work from 9 till 12, give yourself a lunch break, and then get back to work at 1. Working here and there will not make you feel in the slightest productive.

If you must, eliminate all distractions. Put your personal phone onto do not disturb (unless your boss is calling you of course!), turn off the television and close YouTube or Netflix. Doing so will help you get in the zone!

Get dressed up

Though the idea of staying in our pajamas to work sounds like the dream, it doesn’t really help with our productivity. Staying in nightwear will just make us feel lazy and tired – when you can, get ready as if you’re going into the office. We’re not saying to a dramatic look, but even just putting a bit of moisturizer on, putting a pair of jeans on, washing your hair and trying a Halo braid will put a spring in your step and help you focus as it will create similar conditions to your office. You wouldn’t turn up to work in your pajamas, would you?

Another reason to get dressed up is for all those Zoom meetings – nothing is more awkward than when your boss decides to ask everyone to put their cams on. So, make sure you’re ready with a smart and professional look. Pajamas do not send a good message!

Create a playlist

If music helps you get in the zone, then take time to create a playlist with all your favorite feel-good tunes and chilled out tracks. Whether Tame Impala calms you down or you want a bit of feel-good bohemian vibes with a few Haim songs, carefully curate a playlist that will make you feel cheery and bright! No room for sad, emotional songs here!

If time is of the essence, we recommend searching for “chill playlists” on Apple Music or Spotify and jamming out to some relaxing tracks all whilst working. You’ll love being in your bubble!


Treat yourself to a planner or diary where you can keep up to date with your latest tasks and tick off that dreaded to-do list. By keeping track of everything, you will provide better results but you’ll also be able to see what you have accomplished over those days that you have been working from home. Use productivity apps and websites that help your team collaborate in the office and from a distance such as Trello and Slack. You’ll be acing working from home in no time!

Know when to disconnect

When working from home, it’s also hard to finish your day, when you feel that you have a ton of things left on your to-do list. Another part of working from home is self-care… 5pm has come along and you feel like you still have another 3 hours of jobs to do, finish the one you are on and log out of your work emails. You’re not going to be productive if you don’t take the time to unwind after a long day’s work.

Distract yourself after work – meditate, try a yoga class on Instagram, look up a recipe and brush up your cooking skills, or just watch a new series on Netflix, get out of the zone and enjoy this time to do the simplest of things you never got to do!

Take a step outside

Whether it’s to chill in the garden, or even just to head out to the local shop, taking time to take a breather outside is so important when working from home. You’ll feel less cooped up and in charge! A breath of fresh air can remotivate you and change your perspective on things. Going outside gives you time to think things over – use this time wisely!

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